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Wisdom: Cosmic Crystal Collection

Wisdom: Cosmic Crystal Collection

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Wisdom: Cosmic Crystal Collection Set

This crystal collection pairs perfectly with our AWAKE: Inner Wisdom Cards.
This crystal collection is a set of crystals curated to enhance your life from several aspects. There are 5 themes + 5 crystal connections that bring your inner wisdom to a place of accessible truth and grounded discernment. A brief guide illuminates these correspondences and provides practical ways to integrate new patterns and mindsets into your experiences. Use the crystals in intention setting practices, to aid in dream recall and interpretation, to lead with compassion for yourself and others, and to help navigate the unknown future of your life path. Reach up to the cosmos to access dreams, wisdom, and guidance from the light of your soul. Ground the revitalizing energy into your human body through ceremony and mindfulness practices. Enjoy the dream that is your life!

-Kingdoms on Earth | Clear Quarts: harmony // amplification // clearing energy
-Elements | Lapis Lazuli: enhances wisdom + awareness // dream insight // access esoteric knowledge
-Shifting + Integrating | Black Onyx: grounding // receiving energy from universe // wise decision making
-The Unknown | Xiuyan Jade: dreaming // visualizing // manifesting
-Way of Being | Rose Quartz: self-love // cosmic love // connection

Crystal Stones:
1 natural clear quartz point, ~2″ L
4 polished stones, .75″-1″ each:
-1 lapis lazuli
-1 black onyx
-1 xiuyan jade
-1 rose quartz

As with all natural stones, each stone will be unique and may vary slightly in color and shape.

Size: 4″ x 4.5″ x 1.2″

About the brand:

Started in 1978, GeoCentral out of Mason, Ohio, specializes in crystals, manifestation tools and unique gifts. What began with selling handmade seashell crafts has grown across the globe. Through it all, our commitment to celebrating nature and unearthing rare, exquisite goods is the foundation of all we do. GeoCentral is proud to deliver unique, genuine, and beautiful products, while prioritizing ethics and sustainability. We are best known for our boxed crystal collections - introducing users to daily crystal practices with easy-to-understand instructions and a wide variety of crystals. Featuring one-of-a-kind crystals and rocks, on-trend wellness tools and education, distinctive home décor, and jewelry, our collections are designed to inspire awe and elevate the every day.

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