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Himalayan Secrets

Natural Pink Himalayan Salt Lamp Nightlight

Natural Pink Himalayan Salt Lamp Nightlight

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Natural Pink Himalayan Salt Lamp Nightlight

Natural salt lamps are not only beautiful and calming, they have some great health benefits as well. They are great to be used anywhere in your home, especially areas of mediation, sleep and anywhere else that you would like to add a touch of nature and relaxing aesthetic. 

These salt lamp nightlights include 15w bulb and 3-prong swivel plug 

Benefits of salt lamps*:

-cleanse + deodorize the air
-reduce asthma + allergy symptoms
-eases coughing
-increases energy levels
-neutralizes electromagnetic radiation (EMF's)
-better sleep
-improves mood + concentration
-eases seasonal affective disorder
-reduces static electricity in the air
-beautiful + calming aesthetic

Where does the color in Himalayan Salt Lamps come from?

Himalayan salt lamp colors come from mineral concentrations inside the salt crystals, particularly iron. There are more than 80 different trace minerals found in the ancient salt of the Himalayas. Many, but not all pink lamps contain trace amounts of iron oxide, which naturally makes them pink or red. Gray salt lamps, are much rarer, from the Bahadur Khel salt mine in Pakistan.

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*Claims are for informational purposes only and are not meant to cure or treat any diseases or illnesses.

About the brand:

Himalayan Secrets was started in 2017 out of Bloomfield, Connecticut to bring the best Himalayan salt products form Pakistan directly to the US. They have a wide range of Himalayan salt products ranging from lamps to edible kitchen blends. 

Brand Values:

AAPI Owned

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Customer Reviews

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Give a Gift of Healthy Living

Gifts for a friend. I bought this along with a few other "feel better" items. Love how Aura Luna was able to bundle my gift and ship it for me. So quick and easy. Appreciate the great customer service.


I've always wanted a salt lamp, but the sizes were too large for my countertop space. This nightlight is perfect. I have it in my bedroom. The light is soft and it is so cool looking. I'm going to order another one and give to my aging Mother. She'll get the benefits of the lamp and it'll provide some light when she gets up in the middle of the night.