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Rock Paradise

Natural Crystal Bracelets [4mm]

Natural Crystal Bracelets [4mm]

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Natural Crystal Bracelets [4mm]

These beautiful crystal bracelets are polished to a smooth finish and are available in a variety of crystal gemstone options. Each bracelet is carefully crafted using genuine stone beads that are expertly polished to a smooth finish, creating a unique and elegant accessory.

These bracelets are the perfect smaller bead size for stacking to create your perfect combination of stones. 

*As with all natural crystal gemstones, these bracelets may vary in size, color, and characteristics.


Measures Approx.:  7" around and polished round bead gemstones measure 4mm Comes on an elastic bracelet band. Size will fit most wrist.   

Available in:

* Tiger Eye - Courage, Confidence, Motivation
* Rose Quartz - Love, Harmony, Healing
* Unakite - Emotional balance, Peace, Harmony
* Black Obsidian -  Protective, Grounding, Balancing
* White Howlite - Calming, Relaxation, Spiritual growth
* Mookaite - Adventure, Inner strength, Stability
* Amethyst - Calming, Soothing, Spiritual
* Green Aventurine - Abundance, Prosperity, Luck
* Fluorite - Mental clarity, Spiritual growth, Rainbow
* Rhodonite - Love, Compassion, Healing
* Black Tourmaline - Grounding, Protective, Cleansing
* Black Rutilated - Intuitive, Spiritual, Unique
* Pyrite - Abundance, Confidence, Vitality
* Carnelian - Creative, Vitality, Motivation

About the brand:

Established in 2018 out of Canoga Park California, Rock Paradise specializes in natural stone and crystal items. They travel the world and work directly with mines to ensure quality, safety and transparency. Since they source directly from the mines, you know that you are not only getting a quality, authentic product, but you are also getting the best price.

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I love live the dainty size of these bracelets. These are perfect for stacking and they are gorgeous.