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12 Days of Crystals Magic Set

12 Days of Crystals Magic Set

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A beautiful advent style boxed crystal collection to gift or keep for yourself.

How to use crystal magic?

Create your own 12 day ritual with the crystals in the self-care toolkit! Each day, take a moment to be still, re-center your body with some deep breaths, and pick a crystal from the box. Throughout your crystal magic journey, open the taps from left to right, starting in the upper left corner where you will find the light of the stars and work your way to the bottom right corner, where you will be grounded in Earth's energy. Behind each tab is a little surprise: a pocket-sized crystal and an action step to help you practice mindful engagement. 

The crystal magic doesn't stop at the end of the ritual experience: you can revisit the crystals and messages here anytime you desire! The positive energy is always available. You can store the crystals in this box, carry them with you, or use them for home décor after selecting them each day.

Includes 12 pocket-sized stones:

-1 Natural clear quartz point: 1″-1.25″
11 stones, .75″-1″ each:
-1 optical calcite – Icelandic Spar (rough)
-1 peach moonstone (polished)
-1 citrine (polished)
-1 sandstone (rough)
-1 rose quartz (polished)
-1 Xiuyan jade (polished)
-1 fluorite (rough)
-1 amazonite (rough)
-1 blue calcite (rough)
-1 amethyst (polished)
-1 black tourmaline (rough)


-mini haiku poems to ponder
-unique crystal properties 
-associated action steps

As with all natural stones, each stone will be unique and may vary slightly in color and shape.

Size: 8.75″L x 6.75″W x 1.5″H

About the brand:

Started in 1978, GeoCentral out of Mason, Ohio, specializes in crystals, manifestation tools and unique gifts. What began with selling handmade seashell crafts has grown across the globe. Through it all, our commitment to celebrating nature and unearthing rare, exquisite goods is the foundation of all we do. GeoCentral is proud to deliver unique, genuine, and beautiful products, while prioritizing ethics and sustainability. We are best known for our boxed crystal collections - introducing users to daily crystal practices with easy-to-understand instructions and a wide variety of crystals. Featuring one-of-a-kind crystals and rocks, on-trend wellness tools and education, distinctive home décor, and jewelry, our collections are designed to inspire awe and elevate the every day.

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