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First Aid Mini Kit (60 pcs) - Sunny Rainbow

First Aid Mini Kit (60 pcs) - Sunny Rainbow

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KEEP>GOING First Aid [Loaded] Mini Kit - 60 pieces

First Aid Kit for on the go - small but mighty! Be prepared for all those minor injuries on-the-go!

* Small case but fully loaded with 60 Premium First Aid items
* Includes Metal Tweezers, Wipes, Ointments, Assorted Bandages, and much more (see below for full list)
* Carabiner attaches easily to backpack, stroller, or small purse
* All Contents are 100% Latex-Free
* HSA/FSA eligible
* Size: 4.5" x 3.75" x 1.75"


-16 regular size bandages
-6 small size bandages
-10 children's stickers
-2 XL big bandages
-2 butterfly bandages
-2 knuckle bandages
-2 fingertip bandages
-6 non-sting antiseptic cleaning wipes
-4 triple antibiotic ointments
-2 hand sanitizers
-2 sting relief pads
-metal tweezers

About the Brand:

We’re a small family-owned and operated business based in Orlando, Florida. We’re passionate about creating products that help families have the best adventures.

Our family spent years traveling the globe, and during this time, couldn’t find a First Aid Kit that not only contained all the high-quality supplies we needed in an organized way but that we weren’t embarrassed to carry around! 

That’s why we created our KEEP>GOING First Aid Kits.

Our kids are the reason we started KEEP>GOING (we’re constantly in need of a First Aid Kit to save the day) They’re also the reason for everything else. Why we work hard, why we always strive to be the best we can be, and do the best we can do. They are the reason we want to help others and why we don't give up.

Our question of principle: "Is it helpful or hurtful?" May the answer always be: "helpful!"

Brand Values:

Give Back
Women Owned

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